What is Aqua Peel treatment and how it is done?

1. After facial cleansing and mild peeling, hydra deep facial cleansing follows.

2. Then we apply fantastic KOREAN serums, adjusted to the skin type, which are stimulated into the skin by ultrasound.

3. The next phase, radio waves which are heating the epidermis to the temperature of 50oC, while stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

4. The fourth phase includes a cold hammer, which soothes the skin after the radio wave phase.

5. Iontophoresis, during which facial muscles are activated by electrostimulation and the effect of tonus lifting and tightening is achieved.

6. Active oxygen for disinfection and stimulation of macrophage in the epidermis cells.

7. LED mask for fibroblast activation, skin regeneration, anti-inflammatory and antiaging effect.

What are the effects of this treatment?

Blackhead removal, pore narrowing, collagen boosting, hydration, tonus lifting, wrinkle smoothing, leaving the skin refreshed and tight.

How many sessions do we need?

Depending on the skin type the treatment should be repeated after 3 weeks. Duration of the session is about an hour and a half.

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