What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic procedure used to correct and embellish certain imperfections on the face. On eyebrows, eyelids or lips. Insertion of pigments, using a device and needle, into the skin at the depth of 2mm. In fact this is permanent make-up and it may last from 2 to 2.5 years.

How it differs from the Japanese eyebrow drawing?

Eyebrow micropigmentation is actually eyebrow shading and it will give you the effect of a discrete shadow on your eyebrows. If you wish to have beautifully shaped eyebrows, filled with eyebrow shadow in your ideal shade, then micropigmentation or powder technique is exactly the right thing for you.

Micropigmentation procedure

Master of micropigmentation must know face proportions, skin type and tone, choose right pigment color, which the client must like as well. We always propose to the customer first to come for consultation, which is free, during which we come to an agreement about eyebrow thickness, and after that we decide on their shape. The shape is initially drawn by the eyebrow pencil and only when the client confirms that it is her/his desired shape, we start to draw the eyebrows with pigments. The pigment we are using is always matched to the color of natural eyebrows. However, the client must be aware that the color might be up to 50 percent darker immediately after the procedure. The procedure takes up to 2 hours. The process of scaling and pigment adjusting will start after 4 to 7 days. During the correction, which is made after 15 to 30 days, the Master will only fill in the micropigmentation dots which will last from 2 to 2.5 years.

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