Application of PRP therapy

PRP therapy is used in all branches of surgery, sport medicine and aesthetic medicine.

High efficiency of this method is based on rich concentration of thrombocyte growth factors,

and proteins which have exceptional effect on stimulation of tissue regeneration.

This treatment can be applied to the whole body and face,

and also as the treatment against excessive hair loss and thinning.

What are the benefits of PRP treatment?

The benefits of PRP is that it utilizes natural regenerative capabilities of the body (without additional admixtures) – that is why it is safe for the patients prone to allergic and autoimmune reactions of the body.

PRP Mesotherapy achieves its effects by triggering a chain of numerous reactions aimed at increased production of collagen and acceleration of tissue metabolism. In this process its effects of skin renewal and recovery are exceptionally good. Skin will be more resilient, more radiant and stronger. This treatment has also proved to be highly effective for hands and neck. The success of the therapy and its final effects depend greatly on the genetic predispositions and the individual skin type.

Who can benefit from PRP treatment?

  • persons over 30 years of age
  • younger persons whose skin has been greatly damaged by sun
  • persons wishing to remove tired and lifeless face look
  • persons wishing to reduce small and medium-deep wrinkles around the eyes
  • persons wishing to reduce pigmentation under the eyes
  • persons wishing efficient prevention of aging
  • persons wishing to rejuvenate face, neck, hands and décolletage
  • persons prone to allergies (because there is no danger of allergic reaction)
  • persons with autoimmune diseases (because there is no danger of autoimmune reaction of the body)
  • persons needing hair stimulation




What effects can be expected?

  • Best choice for rejuvenating the eye area
  • Efficient with removal of tired and lifeless face look
  • Strong effect of skin rejuvenation and renewal
  • Skin becomes more radiant and resilient
  • Reduction of small and medium-deep nasolabial folds,
    wrinkles around the eyes and on the neck
  • Reduction of pigmentation (dark spots)
  • Removal of small and medium scars from the skin
  • Improvement of skin moisture
  • Correction of volume with small to medium loss of hair volume
  • Stimulation of hair growth for both women and men

When can the results be seen?

The treatment triggers a cascade reaction of producing new collagen, which needs time to become visible. Usually it takes 2 months for the results to be visible. As time passes, the triggered reaction will be stronger and stronger and the results more prominent.

How many sessions are required?

Number of the sessions depends on the condition of the skin and the treatment area. A course of two to three sessions is always recommended. Interval between the sessions should be 30 days and more.

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